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Don’t look too fast…

Ashley | September 18, 2012

You’re probably rubbing your eyes, making sure they’re not playing tricks on you.

Well….they’re not.

We may have been silent but that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle (au contraire, we’ve been bustling!) or have forgotten any of you! There was some down time, but it was spent working on various other projects, but Cazaq is always there, and now that October is right around the corner, we’ve returned and getting a ready for a pretty big (ad)venture! But before we launch into any specifics, there’s some housekeeping to take care of.

First off, you’re probably wondering about our trip the Philippines in October. Have no fear dear friends! Cazaq is still set to fly across the world, but the date and time has been pushed further back. We are scheduled to go to the Philippines in April of 2013. We met with Bishop Dan Bolias, who was the one who sent the invitation. He informed the director that October is monsoon season there, and April is a more safer month to go. It will be hotter (April is their summer over there), but the chances of Cazaq having a high seas adventure is less likely, and something we’re not sure we’re ready to tackle just yet! 😉 We’re stilling accepting any contributions and sponsorships. For information, check out our previous post.

Now, onto the latest expedition. Now, while our cast was a bit sad about the change in date, it ended up working out well. We have yet to take Cazaq out of state, let alone half away across the world. While the excitement was high amongst the staff, there were certain questions, one being: HOW do you do it?!?!

Well, another opportunity came our way, which we’ve known about for a while, but weren’t ready to share til the details were finalized, the opportunity to take Cazaq away from “home”, if you will. October 27th, 2012, Cazaq and Cast will heading to Fort Mohave, Arizona! Now, what is in Arizona, you ask? Youth. Lots, and lots of YOUTH! If you’re scratching your head, let us explain (which you know we love! Some of us are extremely detailed orientated)!

The First Nations Youth Revival will be held at the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation. Just for a little background info: The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe are one of the Colorado River tribes. Their reservation spans the triangular borders of California, Arizona and Nevada. So basically, at any given time when traveling in the reservation, you could be in all three states in one day, multiple times. Any who, the play will be taking place at the Mojave Crossing event center, which can seat up to 8,000 people! The goal is to get 8,000 youth, both native and from all over the United States, to come and receive the experience of a life time. We’re so excited to be a part of this event, to be able to speak into the lives of so many youth! To find out more information about the event, click here.

We thank you all, and hope this post finds each and everyone of you well.

Much love,

The Cazaq Team

Written by Ashley


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