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3,500 people later….how YOU can reach that many people…

Ashley | July 24, 2012

6 cities.

10 performances.

3,500 people.

To this date, that’s how many people have been receiving the message of forgiveness, hope, life.

In the almost year we’ve done this play, we’ve had some extraordinary experiences.

The most important (and perhaps the best) experience, is seeing the reaction on the faces of those we meet. The tears, the thank you’s, the overwhelming sense that a huge change has happened in these people, even if they don’t realize it at first.

We really saw it this last time, while we were at the Morongo Indian Reservation. We had over 400 people show up. There was definitely a scramble to add chairs, seeing as we started with 200 chairs. One of the things that happens in the play, is during what we call the “Spring Dance”, where the cast turns to the audience and begins to greet each person. As we went around, the gratitude and appreciation and just… the change that was stirring inside their hearts was so visible on their faces, it was emotional.


3,500 people….

From where we started, to where we are, it’s been amazing the doors that have been opened to us through this simple play. We say it often, but as much as we say, it isn’t really enough, but we thank you, YOU, the fans, the supporters, encourager-s, who have helped us get to where we’ve gone, and where we’ll go next. So you’re probably wondering when the whole “how YOU can reach…” bit. You can be a part of the movement, by helping us get to the next place, the next level of Cazaq. Where we’re going next, is unlike where we’ve been before. And where are we going? It’s almost unreal…but where we’re going next, will take us anywhere from 16 – 20 hours get there, and is over 7,500 miles away. So, where are we going?

Let’s back up a bit.

Our director and staff felt that it would be good to send spread this message of hope to other people. So an email was sent out and thus, forgotten as the mini-tour was around the corner. So May came and the mini-tour went underway ,with a pretty intense schedule: 7 performances over the course of 4 days (thank God for a break in between), in 4 different cities. We were exhausted, but we were happy that we had such an awesome opportunity. So one day, as we’re discussing the next performance (this last one in June), our director strides in with a glow on her face and a twinkle in her eye, and it is plain she has something she’s wanting to say. She proceeds to remind us about the email she had sent, to a contact she knows. She continues on, trying to keep her voice in control, and drops the bomb: Cazaq The Eagle has received the official invitation to take the play to the Philippines.

There’s no need to describe what happened after that but soon the rest of our cast heard and before we knew it, we were getting responses from many of them saying that yes, they wanted go! Before we could fully grasp it, it seemed that Cazaq was about to head to the next level.

You are probably STILL wondering where you come in through all of this. Well, we need help to get there. You can help, by donating and helping us fly to the Philippines. However, there is a challenge. October is the set month we would like to go. Not October 2013, but October 2012.

We essentially have 2 months, to gather what we need.

2 months.

See how you can help? We love a challenge here, because we’re in it for one reason: People. We thank God for the 3,500 people we’ve reached so far. But this opportunity could help us reach more 3 times that amount of people.


That’s over 10,500 people.

People who are hurting, who need to know that the horrible, desperate situation they’re currently doesn’t have to be the situation they’re in 6 months later, a year later. That God created them to be more than just average. We are in it for lives, for change, for growth.

We need this spread, and we need your help. Share this on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, google+, emails, however you can. And donate. Donate whatever amount you can.

We will provide you with a link to a secure place to donate. We are put on by a non-profit organization. Which means your donations are tax-deductible.

We want to thank you all by supporting us in this journey, and we pray you will continue to. If you do, click here to donate.

We thank you. We appreciate you. And we love you.

With much love,

The Cazaq Team

Written by Ashley


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