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And then there were 5…

Ashley | January 31, 2012

Yes, that’s how many days we have left. Each day leaves us more in awe & grateful at how blessed we’ve been with this project. The support has extended beyond our “family circles” as people from the community have stepped out to stand behind us on this journey. Our gratefulness runs deep, our hearts too full to adequately express our gratitude.

So on to our big weekend!

First off, we’d like to rewind and mention (in case for some reason you missed the news), we were featured on the front page of the Antelope Valley Press, our local paper on Thursday!

The Thursday edition of the Valley Press (1.26.12)

We had no clue that we were going to be in the paper (at least not that soon) nor did we expect a cover story. That really set us going & further drove home that this event is really happening! As a matter of fact, that very day we received a phone call about the play from a lady who read our article!

That same day we had rehearsal a small rehearsal with the main cast: Cazaq, the 3 elder eagles (Wisda, Deter and Compa), Mother Chicken, Sister Chicken and Mr. Raven. While we were serious about our rehearsal, it was hard to keep a straight face when you have someone as funny as Mother Chicken in the play! Trudi, the actress portraying Mother Chicken, is a born comedienne with a witty comment for everything and everyone. By night, Mr. Raven is chicken-stealin’ thief, but by day, he is really an engineering genius! Steve, the actor playing Mr. Raven, is the mastermind behind Lonely Egg. The director (also the authoress of the book) had a vision of what she wanted the egg to look like. 5 days later, Steve came back to us with full skeleton of Lonely Egg! We really owe him so much!

Mother Chicken looks on apprehensively as Mr. Raven is thwarted in his attempts to steal Sister Chicken, thanks to Cazaq The Eagle!


Cazaq, after finding out the truth of his past, stalks about arrogantly as he shows off his wings to Mother Chicken.


Friday was interview day! We started the day with Edwin Vasquez, a self-taught artist from Guatemala who helps highlight other artists in the Antelope valley, who interviewed us for his Youtube channel. To view part 1 of the interview, go Casaq the Eagle Interview.

The interview was held in a small coffee shop, amid the comforting aroma of fresh brewed coffee and chatting of coffeehouse patrons, as the 4 eagles, narrator and director sat down for a chat with the local artist. Each cast member was introduced and shared a bit about who they were and what were their parts in the play.

The Director (Left) and Narrator, Marilyn Bread (right), during their interview. Marilyn shared her excitement on working to bring Cazaq The Eagle to life: “It’s a chance to bring our culture to you.” She also talked about being a Storyteller and the history behind it: “In my culture [Kiowa Nation] elders bring teaching to the youth [in the form of storytelling].”

It was wonderful time and we really appreciate Mr. Vasquez for his time and helping us spread the word about Cazaq!

The cast in a group photo with Edwin Vasquez (from left to right) Narrator – Marilyn Bread, Wisda – Leon Vielle, Compa – Jordan Skinner, Author/Director – Teresa Skinner, Edwin Vasquez, Cazaq The Eagle – Joey Bread.

Right after that meeting, we zipped down the street for interview #2 with Shannon Smith from AV Spotlight on 97.7fm KTPI. We were soooo blessed to be able to have that interview! It was so much fun (don’t think many of us have ever been in a radio station before), watching the process as each eagle went in for their turn on the mic.

Compa (left) and Cazaq (right) share a laugh while the interview goes on, waiting for their turn on the mic. 

Shannon Smith (left) interviewing Wisda (right) while the director (far right) listens in.

The whole day was a wonderful experience, and it again impressed upon our team that people really are excited about it, and they see the vision. They see it and want to help us spread the word. It was hard not to feel blessed and just be thankful for being a part of such what is truly a ground-breaking play.


Saturday was the big dress rehearsal: full costume, lighting, every scene from start to finish….to see the what the finished product was emotional. It gripped many, if not all, of our actors and many had dewy eyes as they beheld the growing first fruits of their labors.

We’re not merely investing time…a true artist invest a piece of themselves into every piece, and hopes that it will touch someone and possibly change the way they view things. We are hoping to change lives. In every thing we do, that’s the focus: reaching out the lost, the broken, the hopeless, the unlovable…to bring hope. Because the only thing that really matters is helping those in need.

Because if we did this all for ourselves…what good would it do?

Til next time…

-The Cazaq Team

Written by Ashley


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