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Cazaq’s Next Adventure: Adventure on the (Philippine) Island!

Ashley | January 18, 2013

The Cuneta Astrodome.

Located in Pasay City, is was the former home of the Philippine Basketball Association (their . It is the third largest indoor arena in Metropolitan Manila, having a seating capacity of 12,000 people.

And on April 3rd 2013, that’s where Cazaq The Eagle will take it’s next adventure.

We’re so grateful to each and everyone of you who have come on board, to help, assist, encourage…the words we could write wouldn’t do nearly the amount of justice you as our family deserve! This blessing is just too immense for some of us to handle!

Never did we imagine just how far Cazaq The Eagle would go. None of our cast did. Sure, we talked about it. But now as we look at ticket prices and work out the logistics and details, the reality of it is becoming clear: we’re going halfway across the world, to do this play. How AMAZING!

The Cuneta Astrodome will not be the only place we will be performing Cazaq. As we speak (er- type?), our director is working with our Filipino contacts and setting up venues.  We’re so excited to share the next step of this journey with you all!

If you follow us on Facebook (which is silly. we’re sure all of you are connected on our page, right…right??) and have seen a few updates about fundraising and merchandise. In case you didn’t know (or we didn’t mention it…if we didn’t, SHAME on us! Or rather, our social media liaison. :p ) we have  merchandise store set up!

At our merch store fans will be able to purchase books, dvd’s and t-shirts for themselves or a friend. Be sure to check out the store and let us know what you think! We love feedback and look forward to hearing from our dear family!

If you’d rather donate to the trip, check out our FundRazr campaign. Come and “Sponsor A Cast Member”, watch a video, leave a comment and be a part of movement of people saying their “Reaching My Destiny”!

So at this point, you maybe one of four people:

1) A worthy cause indeed.  You’d love to help, and bought a t-shirt/DVD/Book. Bravo.

2) YES! You feel it! You donate right away, then share it on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+. The world shall hear of it!

3) You see the vision, it’s GLORIOUS! You’re all about it, you bought both an item AND donated AND shared it. Awesomeness is surely yours.

4)You really want to help. You’ve got the vision. But right now, you just can’t afford it.

If you’re person number 4, DON’T. WORRY. We have a solution.


Everyone knows sharing is caring. It’s something we learned back when school consisted of primary colored sleeping mats, little 3-sips-and-you’re-out juice boxes and 5 animal crackers.

What does this have to do with Cazaq? Naps and itty bitty snacks aside, sharing helps us out IMMENSELY. When you pin, like, share, 1+, tweet, reblog…well you get the point… when you “Share” things from our blog and Facebook page, it reaches people beyond those we know now.

Let’s break it down. As of right now, we have 82 people who are fans of Cazaq. Each of those 82 have at least, 100 friends. So, if each person shared at least one or two post about Cazaq, 100 of their friends would see it. Do the math….that extends our reach far more than what we have now.

When you open a facebook fan page, they give statistics of your reach, how many people see your post, how many were “organic” or “viral” (techy terms for whether it was seen straight from the Cazaq Page, basically a pre-existing fan or seen through an external source or shared post, the person is not a fan), so on and so forth. To bring it home, our fans our 89. But our friends of fans?


Friends, that is a LOT of people. You can see now why you’re likes, your shares, pins, tweets, etc., are so crucial to our campaign to get to the Philippines. The message of freedom can go international. Freedom from the bondage of hopelessness, the bondage of feeling like a nothing. A way for someone to realize, they were created to fly. That there’s more in this life for them then where they are at now.

There’s no glory. No fame. We lives to be transformed and brought to a higher level, not our bank accounts or “notoriety”.

So share the facebook page, share the link for the T-Shirts and the FundRazr campaign, share the blog.

We thank you. And as always, we LOVE you and APPRECIATE you all, each and every one of you. Below will be links to each thing we mentioned above. Thank you again.

With much love,

The Cazaq Team

Written by Ashley


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