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Cazaq the Eagle


Ashley | January 16, 2012

What is Cazaq? What does it mean? It’s something that means a lot to us, so much so, that we had to create a meaning for it ourselves.

How did words come into existence? How did these intangible concepts acquire any kind of meaning and definition attached to tangible objects?

Because one person, somewhere, decided to do it.

So…what does Cazaq mean?


In what language or dialect, matters not.

But to us, it means hope.

And that’s the central theme, the crux of our play.

We are banding together as a team. These different people, from different walks of life, from different cultures, to bring forth hope into the community. There are so many people who are in dire straights, deep in the pit of hopelessness. Some who are just lost, who need a bit of encouragement. It is these we are trying to reach.

We want our fellow neighbor’s to know that things CAN change. They are ABLE to reach up and out of the circumstances.

In the book, Cazaq The Eagle, Cazaq does not even realize that he’s this strong, powerful eagle, living as a mere chicken.

But then he receives a startling revelation: He’s living beneath his purpose.


Then 3 eagles come, shattering all he knows, and then tell him that he is going to be trained how to be an eagle. They ask him to learn something he doesn’t even know existed, perhaps at a point in time where it seemed difficult to grasp a new idea.

Yet…he took the leap of faith.

Forgave the trials and circumstances of the past.

And he began to soar.

That’s the hope. It can be done. This is not just some story. It’s not just words on a page. This is a message we want to get out. We want people to be inspired, encouraged, uplifted.

We want them to know that it IS possible.

This is our vision.

This is our heart.


-The Cazaq Team


“When the Eagle lifts up his head and realizes who Merciful Creator has made him to be, and when the Eagle is willing to forgive Mother Storm, Sister Wind and Brother Circumstance who brought him low, then Merciful Creator will smile on the Eagle restore his strength and will give him the power of His Spirit. He will use the Eagle to bring His pleasure to the earth. Then and only then will you be able to ‘Mount up With Wings as Eagles’.” – Mother Chicken’s Blessing, Cazaq The Eagle

Written by Ashley


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