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New Year, New Look, New Post!

Ashley | December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas Family!

Where has this year gone?! Christmas is a mere 8 days away, and our one year anniversary is right around the corner! It’s been an incredible year, filled with memories and gratitude of all the things we as a cast, we as a family (that includes you all too you know) have been through. What this next year will bring us, no one really knows, but we’re grateful for what has already been accomplished, but we’re excited for the new bend in our road!

If you been to our blog before this post, than you’ve noticed some slight…changes. Nice, wonderful, clickable, interactive, loveable changes!!!! Welcome to the NEW Cazaq The Eagle Blog!

Browse through our Gallery and see photos from previous plays, special behind the scenes pictures, and take a look at how we as cast are. Be sure to look at our videos in the Media tab, as well as the special four part interview featuring the director, Narrator and main Eagles!

We’re so excited for these changes, ways not just for you to be involved and a part of Cazaq, but ways we can further share Cazaq with you! We know many of you are waiting for the report on the First Youth Nations Revival where we performed at, and we sincerely apologize for dropping the ball on that review! But trust us, it’s worth the wait, especially when we tell you how we got stuck in Arizona!

Never far from our minds, is you. Our audience, our friends, our family, you are the integral part of this play. You help us spread the word about the play, but more importantly, you help us spread the message of hope, the message that quintessentially is Cazaq. When we look into the faces of those who are watching the play, and seeing the tears, the change, and even the healing that is going in those hearts and minds, it’s payment enough for us. It’s the ultimate reward. We couldn’t ask for more. And you all are an integral part of this mission. Continue to spread the word. We love hearing about venues and possible places to be. The only reason we haven’t gone, is because we haven’t been invited! 🙂

Thank you all, so much. We love you!

Merry Christmas!


Your Family,

The Cazaq Team

Written by Ashley


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