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Review of Lancaster High School/Soboba Performances

Ashley | June 11, 2013

Hello family!

Things have slowed down quite a bit here at CTE Headquarters. As some of you know, we had two performances scheduled in May, one at a local highschool and one at the Soboba Indian Reservation. The performances were scheduled for two weeks after our Director returned from the Philippines, so it was like a cast reunion, in more ways than one. Our dearest Deter was able to join us for the performances and the cast was able to share with him their trip to the Philipp9ines (unfortunately, he was unable to come) and show him pictures of the friends we had all met there, including the young man who played Deter. Another dear friend who was able to join us was the original Compa, Mr. Jordan Skinner.

A noteworthy moment at Lancaster High School was that we had not four, but six – count’em, SIX! – eagles on the stage that day. It was a glorious display (one that will have pictures posted of soon! Forgive our-er the blogger’s-delay) and on the whole, well received by the students and faculty of the school. We were pleasently surprised by how some of the students stepped up to fill in roles we were missing. Two in particular, Tyler and Chris, stepped in to fill the blanks of Young Shepherd (which Tyler eagerly asked to be,and of course we said yes!) and an Eagle (Chris did well during his rehearsal. Plus,we found that he’s part Navajo to boot!). Many others filled in as Storm Dancers and really added a nice effect to our Storm Dance sequence. We greatly appreciate the faculty and staff of Lancaster High School, as well as the Lancaster Interact Club for helping make this performance a wonderful one!

Our performance at Soboba overall went well. Because there are no future scheduled performances as of yet, we enjoyed time with each other. Who knows when or where the next performance will be, and who will – or wont – be with us? It was good time together.

So now, we’re all back home, doing our normal everyday things. I’m not sure about everyone else, but this blogger here always wonders when the next performance will, where it will be and what new experiences will we as a family have. Because after a year of doing this play, and the “team building” experiences, it would be an understatement to call us just a cast. We’ve been challenged, as a family and as individuals, to reach down within ourselves and find the strength forgive situations and people and over come circumstances and obstacles in our lives. And that is the meaning behind the word “Cazaq”.

Which brings up a very interesting subject: did you know the word “Cazaq” is a real word? It is! BUT! You’ll have to read next week’s blog to find out what it means. It’s a deep Hebrew word with many meanings. All which, by no coincidence, are exactly what Cazaq the Eagle is all about! It’s something our Director had no clue about back in 2008 when she was initially writing the book. More on that in our next blog!

So for now, there’s no future performances. But as experience has taught us here, you never known just when we’ll be called upon!


We love you all.

Your Cazaq The Eagle Team


Written by Ashley


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