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What is the Big Picture?

Ashley | February 19, 2013

Kamusta mga kaibigan! That’s Filipino for “Hello Friends!”


We’re excitedly gearing up for our trip, fundraising, making lists (How many shirts? What kind of shirts? Pants? SOCKS?!), getting vaccinations (I need HOW MANY? It costs HOW MUCH?!), passports (How many trees did it take to make ALL this PAPERWORK?!) but at the end of it all, it’s just minor details that are inconsequential when you think about the overall end result, the big picture:


Our cast is unique because of the diversity of our stories. We all come from various walks of life and different circumstances, but essentially, we all are Cazaq’s in one way or another. Each of our cast members have had to come out of some situation or another: loss of a loved one, abuse of many kinds….their stories are many, but they have come out of it, and now they want to share the road map. None of the cast is any different than the people we reach out to. The only difference is that they as individuals have found the way out, and now we come together as a family to bring that same map to others.

That is why we do what we do.

For us, that is the big picture: those people with the broken hearts, in situations that seem to have no light, no end, no way out. We’re going to the Philippines not as “First World” people trying to add a notch in our “good deeds” belt. Oh no friends, that is not the reason. Yes, we’re reaching broken people. We’re reaching out to our equals. We’re reaching our fellow brothers and sisters, our family across the sea.

Friends, Family…this is why we started, and why we continue. This trip is going to not just change other people’s lives, but our own. We’re taking time away from work, school, families, for something that truly, at the end of the day, is bigger than ourselves, and our own little spheres of existence.

We want to stop at this time, and just thank you all! The support this mission and our trip has been IMMENSE and beautiful! There is still time before we fly off to our trip! There are several fundraisers currently going for Deter, StormDancers, and  for other cast members. Some of our cast members are still in need of funding, and if they don’t go, we would be missing some key parts of the play: Mother Chicken and Wisda need help!

We will provide links at the end of this post that for those of you who are wanting to help, either by donations or by word of mouth! We want to remind everyone again, that donations will be tax deductible! Thank you all again so much!

We love you all. Your words, your love and support are appreciated, and move us deeply with an indescribable emotion and gratitude.


Till next time…remember to soar to the heights you were created for.


your Cazaq Family



Deter FundRazr

Sponsor A Cazaq Cast Member (Here you can sponsor Mother Chicken, Wisda or whoever is your favorite Cast member! Right now, Mother Chicken and Wisda are in need!)

Send The Storm Dancers To The Philippines


Written by Ashley


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